How You Can Start Getting Paid $3 Per Click On Your Email Traffic

All of our affiliates see at least a 30% EPC increase

Let me help you take your emails to the next level.

What is Transparent Affiliate

And How Do We Get Crazy High EPC's

For email marketers by email marketers

Every single one of our offers has been tried and tested with millions of emails and clicks. Perfecting every button placement & page layout. In other words we did all the hard work & built an offer that maximizes EPC for email marketing.

100% transparency

We have a hardline policy against scrubbing/throttling or shaving. Like the name suggests you will see exactly what our cut is off each conversion with 100% transparency. No Excuses.

Proven email creatives and content

we also provide the email creatives and email content that has been tested & optimized to get you the highest CTR on your emails.

The Results

Because of this almost all of our affiliates see at least a 30% EPC increase on their email marketing traffic which means more money in their pocket.

270% Increase in Earnings Per Click

Gregory Rakins

$3.20 EPC on Email Lead Gen Offers

Ricky P

$300,000 a Month in Revenue a 2x Growth

Alexey Schevyno

More Results From Our Email Affiliates

$3 EPC with $34k in 2 weeks

Alexey reaches $308k in June

$267K in 1 month

32% Conversion Rates

Don't wait for your results to improve.

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